Things to Learn before Buying Axie Infinity Game

Things to Learn before Buying Axie Infinity Game

The significant NFT in-game rvalue reward is the AXS, one of the few cryptocurrencies rising in excellent prices over a couple of months. This price rise can be very dramatic according to trends and the additional members that join the train. Moreover, the game has many unique features that differentiate it from traditional game platforms. As expected, the popularity generates more and more income for the investors.

On the other hand, other investors begin to ask if the platform is dependable enough to invest in. they wonder if they can buy into the whole idea or still watch it for a while. Others immediately discard the picture to be faux. But before you can make an accurate judgment, you may also need to consider some significant points in the game design and run. Below are some of the essential things to learn about the Axie Infinity game.

  1. Axie Infinity is a play-to-earn Cryptocurrency game

The first and the most important fact to learn about the Axie Infinity game is that it is a cryptocurrency game based on the play-to-earn game mode. The implication is that it allows the player to earn while they play to invest real money and make real money in return. Meanwhile, the system uses blockchain technology to reward diligent players who engage with the design and are good at winning combats. 

Although the general idea of play-to-earn games may have been new at some point, it is fast catching up with the mainstream of the gaming industry. When players engage with such a game as the Axie IfniInfinityey can earn rewards in the form of cryptocurrency tokens inside the game. When they make these tokens, they can decide to accrue them and allow them to gain value and then trade them off on the decentralized marketplaces for exchange with hard cash.

Each player’s unique characters are called the Axies, and they represent the non-fungible tokens (NFTs). As a result, it is a unique digital asset or token in its own right. Then, the players can breed and battle other axies of other players while completing the daily quests and farming other in-game resources. The entire economy of the game is dependent on the virtual land space called the Lunacia. 

Also, the players can use their in-game tokens in the form of Smooth Love Potions (SLP) and the Axie Infinity Shard (AXS). When players gain access to Lunacia, they can buy the land portions and begin to cultivate it into a good piece. Subsequently, they can use them to pay for rent or food and other items in real life. 

  1. Axie Infinity is not the only P2E game in the market

As you consider the value that axie infinity has as a game, you should also note that the Axie Infinity is not the only game based on the P2E model. Many other cryptogames in the market are available, and they equally have the potential to do well in terms of reward. Perhaps, some of these games may even overtake the hype of today’s cryptocurrency game. Although axie infinity is now the number one option today, it didn’t happen overnight. You can read about Top 6 Benefits of Investing In Play-To-Earn GALA Games by visiting

The project started in 2017 and kept building until its official launch in 2018. After Sky Marvis launched the project, it had already accrued the necessary digital stature and uniqueness required by such a digital asset-based game. 

  1. Axie Infinity now generates a more significant revenue over 30 days than other similar apps generate altogether

The Token Terminal presents an article that reads that the Axie Infinity has generated over $90 million in revenue over 30 days. Following this figure, the other apps similar to what Axie Infinity is doing show the highest total value of $41 million when combined. 

Other revenues can come even from purchasing in-game assets such as the land. And whenever two people make a transaction over the network, axie infinity takes a 4.25% fee cut for making the transaction ultimately. In addition, apart from the significant transaction fees, they can also charge the axies seller and buyer for breeding. And up to 95% of the total revenue goes to the player or owner. Many people across many counties have raised interest in this game with its unique rewards. 

  1. The Axie Land Sale broke records

As of February, the Axie Infinity records show that a user spent 888.25 ETH, which is about $1.5 million. The payment was for up to nine plots of the virtual land and nine different plots of land in the axie environment. Moreover, we have also seen a lot of celebrities, including the Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, host multimillion-dollar NFT sales for almost $3 million. Yet, he was not a player by making that investment.

The proof is that Axie Infinity with its AXS tokens is not the only way to invest in the game. Furthermore, it can enhance the axies ownership through the motivation that players get to immerse themselves into the land space. 

  1. Starting the game requires three different axies

A new player needs up to three different axies to play the game, which the player begins to raise and breed into maturity. He also battles with the axies against the game monsters, satisfying the requirements. The investor hopes that the acquired token can increase its value over a long time. But then the game is not orchestrated towards investors only but also fosters the community that encourages the stakeholders to participate.

Meanwhile, the longer time they take to decide, the more expensive the participation can become. Today it is becoming more prominent to note that the success of Axie Infinity is being threatened by the way its price is skyrocketing. For example, as the first set of Axies were launched, they probably would go for anything between $5 and $10. However, today, a good axie will cost you nothing less than $200, implying that a player can send up to $600.


There is a fantastic bonus on the Axie Infinity in-game where players can be duly rewarded for their time playing the game online. In addition, they get to maximize their investments to earn cryptocurrencies which they may now sell for fiat currencies.