There are many great NFT games to play and invest in, but which ones are the best?

Every day, new possibilities arise as a result of the fast advancement of technology. Due to the emergence of games, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT games) have grown in popularity in recent years.

NFT games allow you to assert ownership, and they have paved the way for a new income model in the gaming industry. The following list contains what we feel to be the top NFT games available today.


The Sandbox is the world’s first sandbox game to be played in virtual reality. The Sandbox is accessible to everybody; it is simple to use and has an immensely dynamic environment.

The Sandbox is equipped with all of the tools and materials that you would find in a real sandbox. You’re sketching with pencils, painting with brushes, sculpting with clay, mixing paint colors, trampling on building sites and destroying objects with hammers. You’ll have just as much fun playing in this game as you would in a real sandbox!

Players may create and own virtual territory in these metaverse NFT games. It’s a platform for game production where artists, developers, and gamers may collaborate to build their own games.

Additionally, you may make money via your virtual experience. The game’s money, dubbed ‘Sand,’ is unique among games on the Ethereum network. Visit to read about Things to Learn before Buying Axie Infinity Game.


CryptoKitties is a video game that debuted on the Ethereum network in November 2017 as the network’s first non-financial transaction (NFT) game. The game allows players to gather, breed, and sell virtual cats. The game was an immediate hit; in only a few weeks, the value of each cat increased from S$10 to over S$7,000. The platform presently has a daily user base of more than 20,000.

On CryptoKitties, you may breed and adopt various types of digital kittens. Many people are taken aback by children’s and adults’ enthusiasm to participate in a cat-themed activity. Only those who take part can appreciate how addicting it can be.

On the NFT gaming market, you may sell your digital kittens for real money! You may teach your CryptoKitties to engage in catfights with one another. Through breeding, you may improve the rarity and worth of your digital cats. Attributes obtained are ERC-721 NFT currencies that are irrevocably yours.

Since the CryptoKitties craze, Ethereum has been utilized for games and has developed into a gambling platform. However, it is not all. Numerous developers have also begun developing decentralized applications (dapps) on top of Ethereum.


Decentraland is an open-source initiative aimed at developing a decentralized virtual reality platform. Its objective is to create a permanent shared virtual area that can be explored and engaged with from any location on the planet.

Decentraland is a property rights platform for increasingly valuable real estate — imagine virtual land in 3D virtual environments – built on blockchain technology.

Gods Unchained 

Gods Unchained is an outstanding game that is both enjoyable to play and has a sizable user community.

Gods Unchained is one of the latest NFT games introduced by Fuel Games, a Coinbase-supported blockchain-based game developer. Coinbase Ventures, Nirvana Capital, and Australian venture entrepreneur Rick Thompson have all invested in the game.

What distinguishes the game is its use of the Ethereum blockchain. Each card is a token, which means it is one-of-a-kind and cannot be replicated or counterfeited.

What makes this blockchain-based game so fascinating is that it will be the first crypto-collectible game. As a result, gamers may now own, purchase, and trade Gods Unchained cards on the blockchain. This implies that users will no longer be restricted to purchasing cards using fiat cash. Additionally, they may pay for them using Ethereum or Bitcoin.

Battle of Guardians 

Battle of Guardians (BOG) is a blockchain game created specifically for users who wish to engage in PvP conflicts with friends and coworkers in a highly constructed gaming universe.

Additionally, it benefits NFT games owners. Using in-game cash, a player may buy or rent NFT characters. Thus, leveling up your NFT games characters might result in real-world money when you sell or rent them to other players. Additionally, winning fights will award you in-game cash.

BOG is built for the …

The Future of Play-to-Earn Games with Axie Infinity

In December 2018, the Vietnamese studio Sky Marvis launched a new gaming app to encourage gamers to play more by adding a cryptocurrency reward for winners. Isn’t that a fantastic thing? The world didn’t recognize how much potential it had until 2020, during the pandemic lockdown that gamers from some developing tried it. After a while, they began to make much more than they would have made doing regular jobs. 

Meanwhile, businesses were folding up at that time, employees were losing their jobs and all sorts. But these game players remained in the comfort of their homes and enjoyed the game. It also comes with raking in some funds as cryptocurrency. Apart from this product from Sky Marvis, the gaming company, an alumnus of Ubisoft’s Enterprise Labs, created some other decentralized apps. Examples include the marketplace, a steam-like crypto game launcher, and a crypto wallet. 

Why the Hype on Axie Infinity?

In recent times, the Axie Infinity has become a growingly incredible tool for game lovers and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The game also became a huge topic when social media learned about its explosive growth within four months. It surpassed 1 million DAUs in an accumulated lifetime trade of $1 billion. 

This new growth came as the company announced and promoted its Play-to-Earn (P2E) model. The model involves game players cashing out their in-game rewards and winnings into a real-life treasure. This feat particularly became a saving grace for Filipinos locked in during the COVID19 pandemic lockdown. Not only there, but it also affected other professions. Click here to learn more about Axie Infinity games.

However, many people have projected that Axie Infinity has a sustainable economy now to support its P2E because of the new users joining. They perceive that with time, when these new users stop coming in, and the demand for the game falls, some of the earnings may drop. And as a result, the game may not be as profitable as it used to be. 

Remember that the game also contains some essential characters to play with and the P2E earnings based on the price of the ETH crypto coin. Putting all these perspectives together, some have compared this situation with the Ponzi scheme that was very popular across different countries. Though it starts with big hype and a promise, it loses its sustainability when the number of new users or demand falls.  

Therefore, this article zeroes in on the actual game economy to determine if it is truly sustainable or not. However, we cannot just jump to probing the Axie Infinity game economy without first understanding how the entire system works. So, how does it really work?

How does Axie Infinity Game Work?

Core Gameplay

The Core gameplay is perhaps the most ignored part of this NFT game. You see, contrary to the idea of many people who register for the Ponzi scheme without asking what the core principle is. In addition, one should also know on what unfailing principle is this tech design founded? For instance, at the most superficial level of the game, what are the characters or items to expect

The Axie Infinity game is a team battler game with clear-cut influences, as indicated in the Final Fantasy Tactics games in the Sky Mavis whitepaper. Each player first creates a team of three free-floating monsters called Axies. Then, he positions them in strategic places in the grid. This positioning is an integral factor that determines hitting the default target and the interaction between the axies.

There are also four different stats that a player should monitor in his axies: their health, morale, speed, and skill. These attributes will determine how effective these axies are in combat. On the other hand, each axie comes with four different cards based on their abilities. In addition, both the cards and the attached cards can be defined by the six other parts of each axie.

For example, each axie has ears, eyes, mouth, horn, back, and tail. Meanwhile, a paper, rock and scissors set of classes within the game tell how strong or weak the axies are against each other. More so, combat players get a hand of cards across their axies that may cost some amount …

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